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Laying with bonding cement:

Both the tiles and the floor must be clean, dry and dust free. Clean off any grease, paint or pollutants. Prepare the bonding cement, Level the floor with leveling paste, using a notched spreader; apply an approximately 10 mm thick layer of bonding cement (1) to the floor. Apply the bonding cement to the back of the tile with notched spreader (double bonding). Lay the tiles one after another, leaving expansion gaps every 40 m² in addition, always leave 5 mm perimeter gap and at least 2 mm joint between tiles to allow for expansion. Tap the tile with rubber mallet to ensure hundred percent adherences to the mortar. Clear the mortar base or grouting material oozing from joints, using a damp mop before applying the cement grout. After 24 hours, apply grout (2) to fill the joints, cleaning all remains off the tile surface immediately.


Laying plaques:      

After leveling the wall by plastering, apply bonding cement (1) to the wall and to the back of the tiles with a notched spreader (double bonding).Do not spread bonding cement over 2 m², because the mortar may set. The tiles must be firmly fixed. Make sure to have 5 mm spacers for each tile. After 24 hours, apply grout (2) to fill the joints, clean all remains from the surface of the tile immediately.

    (1) Bonding cement improved line (C2) and quick (F )0f class C2F with the norm EN 13888.

    (2) Grout mortar (C) for joint (G) improved (2) of class CG2 with the norm EN 13888.


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