Totem Quartz

Manufacturer of Engineered Stone by Breton Technology

Care And Maintenance

The crack free nature of Totem Quartz has a maximum resistance to stains and sticky materials and prevents bacterial growth on the surfaces.

Totem Quartz stones will be cleaned easily and you can wipe them with a wet cloth and a bit of detergent and the surface will be back to its original color and elegance.

For removing dirt, all you need to do is using a wet cloth with hot water and soap. Of course, you can use common detergents, such as soft rubbing gels with bleach as well. But you have to make sure that these substances won’t be abrasive to keep the surface shine.

For sticky materials, such as food, paint, chewing gum, first of all you should try to remove bulk of the stain as much as possible, using a plastic knife and then remove any trace with a wet cloth.

Tea, coffee, lemon juice, vinegar and colored stains will be removed by washing the surface with water, detergent and also with water and soap.

Marker traces can be removed by acetone, detergent and water. The acetone and bleach should be poured on the surface continuously while using a scouring pad to clean the surface. Finally, the surface should be washed with water and soap.

Don’t afraid of using detergent or other light acids as they will not affect the stone at all, but remember to rinse the acid when you finish your work.

Since acetone, will immediately evaporate from the stone surface, will leave no trace behind and not have a destructive effect on the surface.

Don’t put strong acid bases on the surface compounded of such as trichloroethane or methylene chloride (they are paint removers or strippers) and they have to be avoided for removing paint stains, as well. The Cleaning materials which usually used for stoves, dishwashing machines or kitchen hoods can’t be used on these surfaces due to their high base nature.

Substances with No Effect on Totem Quartz:

Butter, margarine, olive oil, coffee, tea, carbonated drinks, mustard, vinegar, lemon juice, concentrated milk, fingernail polish, acetone, lipstick, toothpaste, hand and face creams, ink, shoe polish, soap, detergents, cosmetic and hygienic products, insecticides, hydrogen peroxide, salts with acidities lower than 3, acetic acid 5%, citric acid 5%, benzene.

Substances that affect Totem Quartz:
Methylene chloride (they are paint removers or strippers),
Thick caustic soda

Recommendation for cleaning and maintenance:

TOTEM QUARTZ products are highly resistant against scratches.In polished worked-out,the material has such a low porosity that stains, dirt and dust cannot infiltrate that deeply into the surface.So it is not necessary to protect the surface by wax or impregnating materials.Also in honed worked-out,the material has a high resistance against scratches.The repetition of cleaning depends on how much dirt is on the surface.Under intensive conditions, it is suggested to clean the wet surface once or twice a day. If cleaning machines are used,you have to pay attention that the abrasive pads and brushes are suitable to the surface being cleaned.For honed surface,a first deep cleaning of dust left from construction works is recommended by using scouring machine. The rest of construction works and mortar dirt should be cleaned with a broom.Stains of mortar and adhesive dirt can be cleaned with detergent diluted in water. Do not use any knives for cleaning the stains of mortar.Never treat TOTEM QUARTZ products with wax or greasing protection detergents.

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