Totem Quartz

Manufacturer of Engineered Stone by Breton Technology


TQ surfaces are the ultimate combination of nature and technology. The most remarkable advantages of engineered stone are:

    1. variety of colors, textures and sizes
    2. Scratch resistance
    3. Highly resistant to stains
    4. Shock and heat resistance
    5. Nonabsorbent and nonporous surface
    6.Resistance to household chemicals, acids and solvents.
    7. Low maintenance
    8. Mold and mildew resistance
    9. Color consistency
    10. Hygienic

The beauty and durability of vast range of TQ products make them perfect choice for designers. New colors or designs required by the customers will be studied in TQ laboratory and will be produced based on order.

Note: As every production reflects the characteristics of the used quartz so there might be some little changes like partial color, shade and pattern alternation in finished products.  Therefore to avoid these, it is recommended to place the whole order at the same time rather than the partial order.


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