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Radon gas occurs naturally in the environment and is present in outdoor and indoor air throughout the world. Radium, which is the source of radon gas, is a natural and minor constituent of many common building materials such as concrete, brick, gypsum, and natural stone. Granite and other stones that are a popular choice for countertops and other decorative features in homes have been evaluated extensively. Over 500 measurements of radon emissions from granite have been published in the peer reviewed scientific literature. This information provides a reasonable basis for preliminary estimates of typical and upper bound levels of radon in indoor air of homes associated with emissions from natural stone countertops.


Granite, Corian & Quartz Countertop Comparisons

Homeowners have several choices for kitchen countertop materials. The most frequently purchased of these are solid materials such as granite, Corian or quartz counters. These thick, durable counters are roughly equivalent in price, which makes comparison between them available only on durability, maintenance and style. Learning the various characteristics of each of these materials will help you make a better decision about what to purchase for your home.

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